Suppress Sugar Cravings - Sugar Blocker Spray (Three pack — Save $15.00)

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stop sugar cravings

Why Seynani's Sugar Blocker:

  • It Works - By blocking your taste-buds from tasting products with sugar and artificial sweeteners
  • It's easy to use - 1-2 sprays on your tongue.
  • It works immediately - Use as needed or spray after every meal.
  • It's pocket sized - Take it everywhere.
  • It's Safe - Made with all natural and non-stimulant plant ingredients.
  • Refreshing mint flavor.
  • 30 day money back guarantee. If you are not blown away simply send it back.  

      Seynani is a conditioning tool 
      to help end sugar addiction.  To increase your success:

      1. Spray Seynani on the tongue.
      2. Try something sweet.

      Suggested Use
      Spray Seynani (1-2 times) directly on the tongue ensuring you cover the tip.  Use as often as needed to avoid cravings from sugar and artificial sweeteners to help maintain a healthy diet.

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      Available at GNC

      stop sugar cravings

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