Suppress Sugar Cravings - Sugar Blocker Spray (Three pack — Save $15.00)

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stop sugar cravings



An all natural sugar blocking supplement that you spray on your tongue.  The desired effect works by temporarily blocking your ability to taste unhealthy sweetened foods. Stop those sugar cravings with Sweet Zap. Retrain your taste buds!

Why Sweet Zap:

  • It Works - By blocking your taste-buds from tasting products with sugar and artificial sweeteners
  • It's easy to use - 1-2 sprays on your tongue is all you need.
  • It works immediately - Use as needed or spray after every meal.
  • It's pocket sized - Take it everywhere.
  • It's Safe - Made with all natural and non-stimulant plant ingredients.
  • Refreshing mint flavor.
  • 30 day money back guarantee. If you are not blown away simply send it back.  

Seynani is a conditioning tool to help with sugar addiction.  To increase your success:
1. Spray Seynani on the tongue.
2. Try something sweet.

Suggested Use
Spray Sweet Zap (1-2 times) directly on the tongue ensuring you cover the tip.  Use as often as needed to avoid cravings from sugar and artificial sweeteners to help maintain a healthy diet.  


Seynani – Putting a Final Stop to Sugar Cravings | NewsWatch Review
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