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Did you know sugar is 8X more addictive than cocaine?

When you consume sugar or artificial sweeteners, it activates the tongue's taste receptors. Then, signals are sent to the brain, lighting up reward pathways and causing a surge of feel-good hormones aka dopamine, to be released.

No wonder we’re consuming 5X - 10X more than the recommended amount.

Our brains are hardwired to consume sugar for more energy and survival. Almost everything has added sugar in it. According to studies, overconsumption of sugar more than the recommended amount can cause several health problems like heart disease, diabetes, skin problems, even sleep and mood disorders.

Sweet Zap Uses the Brain's Own Conditioning Tactics to Wean You Off Of Sweets

Sweet Zap blocks that signal that tells your brain to keep binge eating/drinking. The dopamine does not get released and hence you're able to stop at one cookie or one sip of the soda and eventually condition yourself away from the unhealthy sweet treats.

Sweet Zap’s active ingredient is an ancient Ayurvedic herb Gymnema Sylvestre - backed by many many studies. Gymnema has been clinically proven to block sweet taste buds.

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