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How Sweet Zap Sugar Blocker works

When someone eats a sweet, their brain gets a signal to keep eating it. Sweet Zap prevents that from happening. Sweet Zap blocks that signal that tells your brain to keep binge eating/drinking. The dopamine does not get released and hence you're able to stop at one cookie or one sip of the soda and eventually condition yourself away from the unhealthy sweet treats.

Step 1 – Spray Sweet Zap Sugar Blocker on your tongue (3 BIG sprays to start and make sure you cover the tip of the tongue, roof and walls of your mouth)

Spray Sweet Zap on your tongue after meals or whenever you crave sweets. Make sure you get the tip of the tongue and also cover the roof and walls of your mouth. 3 BIG sprays to start and then move on to 1-2 sprays depending on your taste buds.
Step 2 – Try The Sweet You're Craving IMMEDIATELY. Don't wait.

Try The Sweet You're Craving IMMEDIATELY. Now take a bite of that dessert or a sip of that diet soda. Sweet Zap works on both sugar and artificial sweeteners.

Step 3 – Portion Control for Weight Loss or Start The Conditioning

That dessert or that diet soda will not taste sweet anymore because Sweet Zap's natural blend blocks your sweet taste buds from tasting sugar and artificial sweeteners, only temporarily for you to get over that urge.

By blocking that mouth brain connection, you can control your sugar intake. Portion control for weight loss and condition yourself away from sweets entirely.