How Seynani's Sugar Blocker Works
Seynani’s sugar blocker uses sugars own conditioning tactics to end its addictive hold over you. It achieves this incredible feat by way of taste modulation.  
When you spray Seynani’s Sugar Blocker on your tongue, the natural blend fills the receptor locations on the taste buds of our tongue thereby preventing activation by sugar molecules. Seynani’s Sugar Blocker can naturally, safely, temporarily, block your ability to taste sweet.
By naturally, safely, and temporarily blocking the tongue's ability to taste sweet from both sugar and artificial sweeteners the reward mechanism is never triggered. Sugar that tastes no more sweet than sand is easy to say no to. Seynani’s Sugar Blocker’s ability to block sweet turns addicting sweets into undesirable food.
Take Control
With Seynani's Sugar Blocker, experience more energy, self control, motivation, balanced mood, better sleep and a healthier you.