About Us


Have you ever wondered why sugar compels so many of us to binge eat? Why you start off planning to eat a couple of Oreo’s, only to wind up eating the whole sleeve? Why you plan to eat a small dish of ice cream, then scarf down the entire carton? Have you tried to cut back on sugar only to realize how difficult it is? That’s because, according to a Princeton study written by Dr. Bart Hoebel, sugar is as addictive as cocaine, heroin, and alcohol!

Sugar addiction is something people don’t think much about, but sugar addiction is real. There are serious health issues associated with sugar, along with mounting health care costs. Sugar cravings keep people from losing weight and staying healthy.
Working in the supplement and naturopathy industries for a long time, they saw a dire need for a product like Seynani’s sugar blocker. They decided to give the people what they asked for. That’s why our founders, Robert, Alex, Appy and Matt, created Seynani—to help people struggling with everyday sugar urges.