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Why Is It So Difficult To Quit Sugar and Other Additives?

One of the main ingredients in too many of our shelf foods is sugar. Even when you believe something is sugar-free, in numerous cases, it is not. The product label may not have included white sugar or cane sugar on the list of ingredients, but there are hidden sugars you may not recognize. This is partly why it is so difficult to quit sugars and other additives.


When sugar was first discovered, it was kept under lock and key. The reason being once it was eaten, the people quickly saw how it altered human behavior. Most commonly, sugar is a sweet element derived from the plant of sugar cane and sugar beet. It is used to sweeten foods and drinks. The more sugar is processed, such as with white sugar, is when the human body has health issues.


What does sugar do to the human body? It is a carbohydrate that gives the human body energy. The body uses sugar in its muscles, brain, and other major organs. Just try to recall the last time you ate a piece of candy or your favorite cake with icing. Do you remember how you felt after eating it? Perhaps you felt happy, more energetic, or more awake. Sugars can be incredibly addictive, thus making it hard to quit these types of foods.

Addictive Quality

Human brains burn the most glucose in the body. The sugar increases the serotonin in the brain, which brings on the emotion of happiness. Once your body begins to feel less happy, your first impulse is to eat something sweet to feel happy again. This is simply the natural reaction of the brain. Unfortunately, sugar can be more addictive than pharmaceutical drugs. If you begin your day with sugary foods, you will find that you are more hungry the remainder of the day. Healthier food choices will not seem as satisfying, thus making it harder to eat them throughout the rest of your day.

Kinds of Sugar

Sugar has many different names and comes in different forms, including chemicalized sugars to look out for. This is why you may not recognize it on a food label. Some of the hidden names include fructose, galactose, dextrose, diastatic malt, ethyl maltol, and maltodextrin. The human taste buds can be so used to having too much sugar that when the natural sugar is eaten, it is not sweet enough.

Did you know that a few years ago, a special kind of sugar was created and approved for human consumption? This sugar is so sweet that one teaspoon of it will sweeten an Olympic size swimming pool. Is this an ingredient you would like to consume? Imagine the adverse effects this would have on your body.

Additional Additives

Although you may be familiar with the most common names and forms of sugars, you also have to consider, the additives. An additive is a substance, natural or synthetic, that is put into a food to preserve it. Exactly how does a box of food stay “fresh” on the shelf? Food manufacturers add additives to help the perishable product last longer. Additives enhance flavor, appearance, and texture.

Eating Habits

The worst thing you can do is eat sugar foods as your first meal of the day. This includes cold and hot breakfast cereals and beverages. Eating heavily processed foods causes you to be more hungry during the day and sets you off to a bad eating pattern. Too easily this can lead you to have a day filled with sugars and additives. Sugar and additives block your body from absorbing nutrients from foods you eat that day.

Long-Term Negative Effects

The adverse effects of sugar and additives on the body include diabetes, obesity, inability to focus, heart disease, tooth decay, and more. Quitting harmful additives can lead to detox symptoms. What you may think is just a natural, and healthy stage of aging truly is not. Many times health can be enhanced and revitalized by reducing processed sugars.


Do you have to live a life of no sugar? No. There are various natural sugars you can choose from that are whole foods. The body will recognize it after being eaten and will process it much better than the unnatural sugars and additives.

Besides fresh fruits, maybe a few of these natural sugars will suit your palate better than others, such as raw agave, coconut sugar, date sugar and maple syrup. Most people love their sugar and cannot imagine life without it. If you want to live a healthier natural life, it is always best to eat what earth provides naturally.

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