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Seynani – The Story Behind The Brand

Having worked in the supplement industry for a long time, the founders of Seynani noticed a growing trend. People were looking for a natural non-stimulant supplement to control their sugar cravings and end their sugar addiction. Desperate to end their sugar cravings they were willing to try any fad diet plan or product in the hopes of freeing themselves from their uncontrollable craving for sweets. Frustrated and angered with the market, the founders of Seynani researched for a solution ultimately leading to the creation of Seynani. For the first time, a tool to help people put an end to their sugar addiction.

Seynani naturally, safely, and temporarily blocks the taste of sweet from both sugar and artificial sweeteners. It's naturally uplifting and invigorating fusion of peppermint leaves a fresh mouth feeling a non-stimulant pep in the step.  

So why we named it Seynani? The word Seynani means “warrior” in Hindi and the Seynani icon is the Indian goddess “Kali”. Kali's appearance is that of a destroyer principally of evil forces. Would you say sugar is evil? Some people might disagree, but we believe that sugar is the ultimate evil in the world of health and wellness and Seynani can be your pocket-sized warrior to help you stay away from it.

Evil effects of sugar at a glance:

  1. Depletes the immune system
  2. Spikes the blood sugar levels
  3. Biggest reason for weight gain
  4. Has highly addictive effects
  5. Ages you faster
  6. Increases the risk of obesity, diabetes and heart disease
sugar addiction solution

The average North American consumes 150 pounds of sugar per year and that’s how much sugar has a hold over us. This is exactly why we created Seynani. It’s a conditioning tool that helps you say no those empty calories and all the issues that it brings along.

Seynani has been helping people all over the world struggling with sugar addiction including but not limited to UK, Ireland, Australia, new Zealand, Brazil, Argentina and of course the Unites States of America.

Join the fight against sugar with Seynani. 

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