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Secrets to ending your sugar cravings!

Secrets to ending your sugar cravings

Have you ever felt satisfied just after that meal, but still ordered a dessert? Or probably reached for those cookies in the office kitchen just because they were there? Well, sugar cravings are tough to resist, and it can sometimes feel impossible.

It is a fact that we all need tips when going through a transition process. The following are top secrets to stop sugar cravings for good;

Avoid Processed Food

Do you know that both sugar and processed food has the same addiction similar to that of cocaine and heroin? According to a study done in 2013 at the Connecticut College, researchers discovered that Oreos are addictive as cocaine. It is after observing how a famous cookie affected the behavior of some rats.

When you eat sugar artificially, it stimulates a region of the brain known as the nucleus accumbens which produces dopamine the pleasure neurotransmitter. Cravings start when we feel a bit” down” and yearn for that good feeling.  Controlling these cravings can surely stop sugar addiction.

Improve Your Serotonin Level

Serotonin which is the “happiness hormone “, can be boosted through exercise, diet and ensure that you sleep well. When the level of serotonin increases in your body, you will have fewer cravings for sweets.

Drink Plenty of Water

You may assume that your body is asking for sugar while it is dehydrated and craving for water! Ensure you drink up to 8 glasses of water daily to avoid dehydration and stop sugar addiction. Apart from that, you can also take a warm cup of green tea sweetened with stevia mixed with your meals. When this is done, your sweet taste is fully satisfied, and urge of a dessert will stop.

Maintain Your Blood Sugar Levels

It is recommended to eat small healthy body meals throughout your day instead of consuming three considerable portions to avoid dips in blood sugar. The preferred evening meal should be gluten-free grain-like seeds such as millet, quinoa, and buckwheat. If you keep this in mind, your body will produce enough serotonin, and it will make you feel happier and have a good night’s sleep.


Opt For Fermented Drinks and Foods

Using fermented foods and drinks is the most significant way to stop sugar cravings .It is considered the most effective as it ends sugar cravings in approximately 4-5 days. In addition to that, if you eat something sweet such as a piece of sweet potato or fruit, the probiotics in both fermented foods and drinks will clear the sugar, hence reducing the harm that sugar could cause in your body.


Consume Plenty of Greens

Green drinks are full of nutrition and can be significant in boosting your energy levels and stop sugar addiction and the urge to processed foods.

Simple, right? Just stick to the above rules and say goodbye to sugar cravings.  



09:29 Thursday.12 July 2018

Great tips! K+Just need to make a habit of these things.

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