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Ingredient Names We Can't Pronounce: Should We Be Scared?

We see a lot of online posts out there talking about, “If you can’t pronounce an ingredient, you probably shouldn’t put it in your body.” While there are some strange sounding ingredients in products that might not be good for you but, should we be scared of every word that we have a hard time pronouncing?

So, team Seynani did a little experiment. We asked folks this question,

“What if these ingredients were in a product you were thinking of buying –
Lactuca Sativa and Butylated Hydroxyanisole?”

Some of the answers were – “Not sure if I would buy that product”, “Those things sound artificial”, “Sound scary”. Normal reactions. Right?

So what are those things? These people are right about being skeptic because they should not be intaking one of them. But, you can’t really tell which one. “Lactuca Sativa” is the scientific name for lettuce, while “Butylated Hydroxyanisole” is an artificial preservative that we should be avoiding at all times.

What did we learn from this experiment? Don’t assume that every strange sounding ingredient is bad for your body. Do your research and then make a knowledge based choice, not a fear based one.

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Some brands have misused the verbiage on packaging, so it’s understandable to be skeptic. 
Seynani’s  active ingredients are Gymnema Sylvestre and Holy Basil. “Gymnema Sylvestre” sounds strange, right? But, it is nature’s most beneficial Ayurvedic herb along with holy basil. People have been using these herbs in their diets for centuries. And like lettuce, they’re grown in nature – nothing artificial about them.

Feel free to ask us any questions about Seynani and it’s use at or in the comments below.

Our mission here at Seynani is to help people achieve their health goals.

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