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Diabetes – Opportunity to Start a Healthy Lifestyle

If you’re that person who enjoys sweets and just found out that you’re diabetic, what do you do? You have this ritual of eating a donut or cookie with your morning tea/coffee. Or, after meals you eat something sweet. It’s an awful feeling just to think how are you going to stay away from sweets? What do you do?

The first thing you do is start eating healthy. Include more protein and fiber in your diet. Start using more herbs in your recipes like turmeric and cinnamon. Bitter melon has been known to be the best vegetable for diabetics. More exercising is always is good idea! People with diabetes have a higher risk for heart attack and stroke, eye complications and kidney disease. But, don't think of diabetes as a punishment, think of it as a second chance. Diabetes is the catalyst to start a healthy lifestyle, by changing eating habits and being more active.  

One way to stay away from sweets is conditioning yourself. Several studies have found that conditioning works. We have the perfect solution to condition yourself to stop wanting sweets – Seynani. Seynani can help you not only say no to sugar but also train your brain to not want them. Sounds easy right? Because it is. If you’re used to eating sweets everyday, your body will crave it. Seynani can help you break that cycle and take back your life from sugar.

How Seynani Works

By modulating the taste of sweet we can change the brain's chemical and behavioral response to sweet. When you spray Seynani on the tongue, the natural blend fills the receptor locations on the taste buds thereby preventing its activation by sugar molecules.

Seynani helps by naturally and temporarily blocking the taste of sweet from sweet snacks containing sugar and artificial sweeteners.

Once applied, the effect lasts between 10 and 30 minutes. Sugar that tastes no more sweet than sand is easy to say no to. Chocolate without sweet is only bitter.

One of Seynani customers bought it for her dad. She says, “Coming from an Indian culture, we love our sweets. My dad has Type 2 diabetes and he LOVES sweets. I bought Seynani for him so he could condition himself to just not crave sweets. He tells me now that sweets dont have the same appeal any more. I had no idea a product could help me this way.” This was after three weeks of using Seynani. 

High sugar consumption makes you vulnerable to a lot of health issues. So take this pledge to remove or lower your daily sugar intake. Natural sweets are okay, but educate yourself about how much total added sugar you’re consuming.

Here at Seynani, our mission is to encourage and motivate people to live a healthy and sugar free life. Bottom line, don’t think of your diabetes as a crutch, but as an opportunity to start a healthy lifestyle.

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