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How a New Mom Overcame Her Struggle With Sugar Cravings

As a new mom (and a former pregnant woman) I must say that it is very easy to start bad eating habits, even for those who eat healthy.

I would say I'm an “okay” eater: I don't eat fast food, but I don't eat all-organic. I also don't participate in strict diets. Moderation in serving size plays a huge role in my health, and I rarely make time to exercise. From the time I found out I was pregnant and thereafter, my love/hate relationship with food began.

For 3 months, I couldn't eat anything. I lost weight and felt terrible. I thought, 'How am I able to accommodate another human being inside of me on water and crackers?’ It was a long, miserable 90 days being hungry and yet nauseated at the thought of food.

The next six months can be described in one word: indulgence. You are encouraged by everyone, even your doctors, to eat whatever you want (within reason) and give in to what your body craves. You have friends and family cheering you on as you gain weight and no one judging your food choices. It. Was. AWESOME.

After giving birth, especially if you decide to breastfeed, you are encouraged to continue to eat more often, in larger portions and not to start a strict diet plan. After six months of milkshakes and smoothies, I was glad to not have to give it up right away. But I couldn't help noticing all the added sugar in my diet – some are natural sweets found in fruit, and some are not so healthy. I've found that Seynani helps keep my sugar intake from skyrocketing out of control. This is especially important because I am now my daughter's source of nutrition. It is very easy to give in to cravings and difficult to break bad habits, both of which I took part in while I was pregnant.

Spraying Seynani on my tongue when my urge to eat more sweets than I should not only boosts my overall health, but also lowers my daughter's sugar intake. At such a young age, she needs more nutrients and less processed sugars found in my favorite cookies, brownies, and cakes. It maintains balance in what I eat, and will ultimately help me get back to eating in moderation and even building new eating habits. I owe it to myself and my daughter to practice a healthy lifestyle, and I have Seynani to thank for that.


11:29 Friday.22 July 2016

This sounds amazing! But I wonder if it would help me with my PMS sugar cravings? I think I’m going to give it a a try.

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