End Sugar Cravings Naturally

There is no denying the way sugary foods can impact a person’s behavioral and chemical response replicating all the signs of addiction.  Some signs include craving sugar, losing control, and eating more than you planned.  According to a Princeton study that sugar and artificial sweeteners have the same neurological and behavioral effects of cocaine, one of the most addictive substances on earth.  The more you give into the sugar craving the more you condition yourself to want the sugar, making it impossible to break the cycle of sugar addiction.

Tired of sugar cravings and the endless cycle of sugar addiction?  We have the solution – Seynani's Sugar Blocker, an all-natural dietary supplement.  Your pocket-sized ally.

If you struggle with binge eating sweets, Seynani's Sugar Blocker is for you.

If you have acquired a bad habit of consuming daily highly sweet junk foods and are at risk of developing diabetes, Seynani's Sugar Blocker is for you.

If you have already developed diabetes but can’t break the cycle of daily sweets, Seynani's Sugar Blocker is for you.

Why would you use Seynani's Sugar Blocker?

  • One way to lose weight is to limit food intake, especially limiting high-calorie sweets.  After your meal, before dessert, you spray Seynani's Sugar Blocker and sweets become something you won’t crave, you’ve concluded your meal, pushed the plate away. You’re telling yourself, “I’ve had enough”.
  • Seynani's Sugar Blocker is a dietary tool for healthy eating habits and avoidance of sugary snacks altogether.  This is why you use Seynani's Sugar Blocker three times a day after meals for maintenance.
  • Seynani's Sugar Blocker should be used as an immediate deterrent for sugar cravings in between meals.

American businesses and their hired “Food Engineers” have learned to manipulate sweetness, making even the most unhealthy foods taste good, taste irresistible, even become addictive.  A sweet tooth can lead to weight gain and a host of health problems that can stop your natural right to a long and happy life.

Seynani’s Sugar Blocker's Uniqueness

  • Works immediately.
  • Naturally, safely, temporarily, blocks your ability to taste sweet.  Sugar without sweet is like sand, chocolate without sugar is only bitter.
  • Can end sugars addictive hold over you.
  • The only oral dietary supplement that modulates the taste of sweet and promotes positive healthy eating habits.
  • It has all natural non-stimulant plant based ingredients.

How Seynani's Sugar Blocker Works

The herbal blend naturally fills the receptor locations on the taste buds thereby preventing its activation by sugar molecules.  Seynani's Sugar Blocker can naturally, safely, temporarily, block your ability to taste sweet.

Sugar that tastes no more sweet than sand is easy to say no to.  Chocolate without sweet is only bitter.  And best of all you can keep Seynani's Sugar Blocker in your pocket, an ally whenever you need one.

Try Seynani's Sugar Blocker today with $5 OFF your first order. 


Alex Cila

Hi Ria, the effect of Seynani’s Sugar Blocker lasts between 15-30 minutes. You could always drink water to expedite the process. Seynani’s Sugar Blocker’s natural blend does not affect anything except sugar or artificial sweeteners. Thank you for these great questions. Feel free to ask us any other questions you may have.


How long does the effect last? And what if I tried other foods non sweet ones when I spray it?

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