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There is no denying the way sugary foods can impact a person’s behavioral and chemical response replicating all the signs of addiction. Several studies suggest that sugary, highly processed foods can produce behaviors and changes in the brain that one would use to diagnose an addiction, like drugs and alcohol.

Some signs include craving sugar, losing control, and eating more than you planned. Sugar impacts all the cells of the brain. The brain associates sugar with a reward fueling your desire to consume more and more if it. The more you give into the sugar craving the more you condition yourself to want the sugar, making it impossible to break the cycle of sugar addiction.

When we eat sugar in processed foods it spikes our sugar, then insulin. Those are the hormonal disturbances that make you store belly fat, and then you are hungry for more sweets and starchy junk food. Good news is, now you have Seynani's Sugar Blocker that can help break that cycle of sugar addiction.

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